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 Clan Ally expectations

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General Of The Clan
General Of The Clan

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PostSubject: Clan Ally expectations   Sat Oct 31, 2009 3:22 pm

Welcome to -(E|D)-!

You've come to the section of our forum that is dedicated to relations beyond the simple clan dynamic. -(E|D)- strongly believes that a clan can be more than a gathering of a few individuals who interact via a gaming platform. Our vision for the future involves the gathering of several clans who enjoy gaming to play together and enjoy their time online.

We hope that the prospect of joining with -(E|D)- in this potential relationship is inviting to you and your members. Before applying, we ask you to consider a few things.

Activity. We hope to maintain an active relationship on each others sites, and via PSN. We expect members of our respective clans to interact together even outside of clan events. It is possible to do this by sending a link to your site to an admin/mod, so we can maintain active communication. We ask that you do not post your link on our site, and we will honor the same respect on yours.

Funneling. -(E|D)- maintains a level of recruiting discipline that focuses on gamers who have casual mindsets, but hardcore competitive natures. By posting an alliance application, we hope you understand the intention is to start relations between our two groups, not recruit from within our ranks. If funneling is discovered, the alliance will be terminated, the thread deleted, and any users associated with your clan banned, there will be no appeal. We expect you to hold us to the same standards with our presence on your site.

Respect. We hope that you maintain a required level of respect on your site, as we certainly do. If there are any conflicts between our two parties, we expect that those differences be discussed in private between administrative personnel. If it seems that alliance members are ignoring this need for respect, the alliance will be terminated with a short time for appeal.

If there are any questions, comments, or concerns... please feel free to send a PM via this site or PSN to ShadoWhite, DELEX_GODLESS, or IceFire549. Thank you for your time!


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Clan Ally expectations
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