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 Application Format

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General Of The Clan
General Of The Clan

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PostSubject: Application Format   Sat Oct 31, 2009 3:27 pm

A format for an alliance application is provided below. Please be sure to start a new topic in this section with your clan name as the topic. Thanks, and we look forward to future relations between our two groups!

Your PSN: ShadoWhite
Clan Name: Eternal Damnation
Clan Tag: E|D
How old is your clan: Nearly 2 years
Clan Focussed Games: Call of Duty MW, WaW, MW2, MAG, RDR
Preferred Game Modes (COD): SnD, hq , tdm
How Many Members Do You Have: 123
Referrer(if applicable):
How will both clans benefit from this Alliance: We hope to establish a working relationship through skirmishes and mixed clan actions in our common games.
Other Comments: This site is awesome and the leaders are avesome


[b]Your PSN:[/b]
[b]Clan Name:[/b]
[b]Clan Tag:[/b]
[b]How old is your clan:[/b]
[b]Clan Focussed Games:[/b]
[b]Preferred Game Modes (COD):[/b]
[b]How Many Members Do You Have:[/b]
[b]Referrer(if applicable):[/b]
[b]How will both clans benefit from this Alliance:[/b]
[b]Other Comments:[/b]


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Application Format
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